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I am seeking the Flagler County School Board position because I believe in public service.

I  have the time, talent and tenacity to offer to the Community.  I applaud the Flagler Flagship programs' Classroom to Careers.  

I am concerned about school safety.  School Bus safety, classroom safety, safety of the children and the staff, bullying, preparedness for a tornado, hurricane, or a shooting incident are chief concerns.

In today’s economy School Districts are businesses, there is income and expenses. Money needs to be accounted for, tax dollars need to be spent wisely.  In the same business model we need to have stellar customer service to attract and keep our children in Flagler County Schools to maintain the relationships with parents and to attract the best of the best teachers and staff.

Great schools bring business and growth to the tax base.  We will not attract light industry, tech, and medical jobs without great schools. 

The school district needs the support of a wise and thoughtful board that understands the mission to develop career ready students that will be able to live and work and raise their families in Flagler County. 

 As a Flagler County School Board member I will be part of a team that will work towards these goals. 

For Flagler County School Board