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Working hard for staff.

As your School Board representative,

I will work to ensure Flagler County continues to develop talented well educated students.

I will work to ensure a safe, productive environment for all students, teachers and staff

We need an environment that will attract diversified bright, talented teachers and staff to Flagler County. Our students need to be prepared for the future. Students are the future of our community.

Endorsed by United Public Employees of Flagler

Working hard for students.


  Sharon Demers

Working hard for academic achievement.

         Working Hard For You


 My Priorities:

  •  I Pledge to support Flagler County School Flagship Initiatives  which include Technology, Engineering, Business and Medical to name a few.

  • I am committed to school safety for students, teachers and staff 

  •  I have been endorsed by the United Public Employees of Flagler and will support our dedicated hardworking staff in Flagler Schools.

  •  I commit to work as part of a team to maintain our superior education goals and advance our ranking.

  •  I will work to support every student enrolled in Flagler Schools to reach their maximum potential

  • I am a fiscally responsible and will do my best to ensure wise choices are made with your tax dollars.


Official School Board Filing

For Flagler County School Board